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We have a new tutorial in about flatpak this time. A small introduction to flatpak packaging for #qt and #kde applications. Big thanks to @Jbb Go check it out at!

I have been working on oxidizing portals to provide a decent way to use xdg-portals from Rust & using zbus, it's not ready yet but it looks pretty clean so far (and it works as well!).

I have released a new version of the appstream crate. It's more or less a rewrite of the old version, it supports almost every tag supported by the specs & it's now fully documented!

It's 2020 and people still believe that open source means accepting every patch you ever receive.

GSoC intern, Kavan Mevada, re-wrote our Sound Recorder application! Using our design team's mockups, Kavan brought the application up to date with the HIG.
Check out the completely remodeled interface, including the brand new waveform, and much more:

Video Trimmer 0.3 is out!

The main highlight is graceful video preview error handling: showing a message instead of inexplicably non-working interface or crashing.

Apart from that, Ctrl+Q for quitting the application has been implemented and a Dutch translation has been added by a contributor (thanks!).

I'm happy to see Tour shipped with @gnome in the next release. It's a little app I've written last cycle but didn't got around finishing everything in time before 3.36.

I just put out a new release of Color Picker! (formerly GColor3). Check it out here:

Among other improvements, Color Picker now works with Wayland :)

Looks like I have no choice but to start working on dnd, can't polish the demo forever. This is gonna be fun.

Not shown is context menu on tabs, and that the tabs at the top autohide with headerbar in fullscreen.

What a nice utility! Look at that, Boop helps you with a lot of the techie small things that can get in your way.

And there even is a Flatpak!

I have published a little crate that allows you to parse Appstream (metainfo/appdata) files pretty easily using Rust

I'm very happy with the work Kavan has done during their GSoC internship to bring life back to Sound Recorder

libhandy 0.90.0 released: the 1st libhandy 1 beta!

- The API is now stable! 🎉
- HdyCarousel indicators are now separate widgets
- HdyAvatar now has 14 revamped colors
- …

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