All the related pull requests are now in! Feel free to give it a shot and report any issues you might find (bindings side).

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@martijnbraam @cogitri @twrightsman right, sure. Tools don't create themselves, feel free to submit new ones :)

Why I keep using .contains on arrays when writing JS instead of .includes. 😩

To the users of #FedoraSilverblue and other immutable systems (like @GNOME OS): I share this article that I found yesterday:

@nahuelwexd nice, have you tried if it works with the flatpaked version of VSCode?

I've cleaned up the Flatpak Github action I've made a while ago. It's pretty easy to setup now & it produces a bundle that's uploaded through github artifacts.

@nahuelwexd ping me once it's done, all the games actually needs to be updated

@brainblasted @oct2pus @nahuelwexd The Python ones are currently not working, iirc there's a patch but didn't land yet. So far, you have Vala, C & very soon Rust.

I’ve ported my (WIP) Fedi client to GTK4!

If you want another look at the porting process, see here:

Thanks again to @bilelmoussaoui for his quick work on libhandy bindings, and @exalm for the libhandy GTK4 port!

So I ported part of Icon Library, as redrawing the icons when the theme switches from dark to light (or the opposite) was super slow. First is Icon Library from Flathub & 2nd is the gtk4 port, both using GtkFlowBox.

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I’ve ported Solanum to GTK4 🎊

It’s preliminary, but functional.

Big thanks to @bilelmoussaoui for his work updating the GTK4 bindings!

If you want to see what a simple GTK4 port looks like, take a look here:

I finally got the time to update the Rust bindings of GTK 4 to the latest release. Let the fun part begin!

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