So I ported part of Icon Library, as redrawing the icons when the theme switches from dark to light (or the opposite) was super slow. First is Icon Library from Flathub & 2nd is the gtk4 port, both using GtkFlowBox.

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I finally got the time to update the Rust bindings of GTK 4 to the latest release. Let the fun part begin!

I tried a year ago to generate Gegl/GeglGtk/Babl rust bindings but I failed miserably. I've tried again last night, so far the basic example work just fine.

You can find the source code at if you want to give it a try :)

Sound Recorder 3.38.0 is out with a completely redesigned UI which was part of GSoC, keyboard shortcuts, cleaner code and a bunch of issues fixed along the way.
Should be on Flathub pretty soon

I have been working on oxidizing portals to provide a decent way to use xdg-portals from Rust & using zbus, it's not ready yet but it looks pretty clean so far (and it works as well!).

I'm happy to see Tour shipped with @gnome in the next release. It's a little app I've written last cycle but didn't got around finishing everything in time before 3.36.

I'm very happy with the work Kavan has done during their GSoC internship to bring life back to Sound Recorder

I have released App Icon Preview 2.1.0, which mostly fixes a bunch of issues I have introduced during the Rust port along with some IO optimization, so it should open large project files without freezing and uses the new fancy wallpapers!

Which content rating API version you want to target? Yes

Context: I'm parsing a metainfo file and noticed a crash caused by some app targeting the two versions of the OARS tag

I spent the evening updating the web app I use to monitor Flathub packages and noticed a lot of themes were using the GNOME Sdk instead of the fdo one, I fixed all of them. Note that those extensions don't require a runtime.

I have spent a bit of my lazy weekend morning making GNOME Characters adaptive

I have released App Icon Preview 2.0.0, which consists mostly of a Vala -> Rust port along with a bunch of fixes! You can finally use it to create a nightly variant of any 128px SVG icon :)

Icon Library 0.0.6 is out 🎉

it features:
-the shipped icons are now split into categories
- the icons are split into shipped ones and the "pre-installed on the system" ones
- a new fancy export dialog that includes docs for how to include the icon as a resource and use it


Icon Library has a new export dialogue that should give you enough docs on how to use GResource to bundle your icons.

I have released a new version of Icon Library & Contrast.

It's mostly a code cleaning release & Icon Library features more icons by the GNOME design team. Enjoy!

I haven't looked at rendering fonts yet, but Lettercase can handle your local fonts library and install new ones from Google Fonts.

If anyone have any interesting reads about font rendering feel free to throw that my way, thanks!

I finally got the time to finish the most basic things I wanted in Read It Later, my @wallabag client and released it today!
You can read a bit about it here

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