after working for months on ensuring gtk4 has nice and usable rust bindings i have spent today making sure docs are a bit better and still have few things to clean up before a release. Overall: I'm happy now.

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Builder types, global functions, constants, statics are now automatically documented from introspection data! 🎉

and I have now ditched all the C specific functions parameters that were documented from gtk4-rs. The latest remaining step: figure out the gi-docgen and make the rust docs provides links to actual rust items

Few days after I managed to get gi-docgen to work properly with the docs generated by gir, the rust utility to generate rust bindings for glib based libs and because I don't like half backed work, I fixed the broken doc links that were too magical before. They are not anymore. Most importantly, we now either don't link to an item(instead of a broken link) for whatever reasons or a properly working one.

so + to very nice gtk4 rust bindings, the docs should be in a very nice shape as well :)

@bilelmoussaoui Thanks for your work on gtk(4)-rs, it has gotten really nice! :)

@bilelmoussaoui You've done an amazing job at the GTK4 bindings! Thanks for filing—and fixing—the issues with the GTK documentation, as well.

@ebassi thanks a lot, it's been a great learning experience :)

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