A new major version of Authenticator, powered by Rust, GTK4 & GStreamer/ZBar is on Flathub! It has all you could need for 2-Factor-Authentication from QR code scanning to custom providers support like Steam.

Grab it while hot

I'm very proud of the end-result. Thanks to @brainblasted & @maximiliano for their help those last few days to ensure the app is super polished.

Just published a new minor release, it fixes a bunch of bugs, makes more regions of the app available by keyboard only and a ton of translations updates!

@bilelmoussaoui So this is officially the first GTK4 app I start on my machines. Iwas able to restore my old backup *.json and it seems to work really well.
Thank you and everyone involved :D

@bilelmoussaoui OK thank you, I was trying to figure out if there was some kind of backward compatibility 👍

@shiba between both toolkits, no, it's a new major version for a reason :=)

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