I just published the first release of Decoder on Flathub ! It's a fancy toy app for scanning and generating QR codes.
Powered by Gtk4 & GStreamer

@bilelmoussaoui We’re four days in 2021 and you already deliver awesomeness.

That’s a very useful app, thanks for all the work you put into it 🚀

@bilelmoussaoui Yay! finally I can use Decoder on my PinePhone :pine64: and scan QR codes. Thank you for developing it keep up the great work!😎 👍

@0PT41N Enjoy, not sure if the camera works on a pinephone though

@bilelmoussaoui for some reason I got a problem on the manjaro OS for PinePhone (probably flatpak issues) it gave me 2 files instead of 4 or 5 when I tested it on my desktop pc. The error was that the software was not properly executing and I was missing files on the pinephone . I am gonna try it on mobian to see if it will work there

@0PT41N not sure what you mean here really, feel free to open an issue if you want once you have more information :)

@bilelmoussaoui OK Ill continue to find the issue. (the last toot was a little rushed lol that's why you couldn't understand my bad😅 )

@bilelmoussaoui Why does your manifest have X11 active instead of wayland and X11 fallback?

@bilelmoussaoui This is just a great one. Today tested the scanning a bit, that works really well, and i like that screenshot function!

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