So I started porting my apps to GTK 4 and the first one is Authenticator. On the menu: GTK4 of course, a ton of new features & complete rewrite in Rust
The source code is available at

@bilelmoussaoui Awesome work, the next release is going to be really good 🎉

@bilelmoussaoui That looks nice!! 👍 We can make linux apps in Rust? That's cool!

@bilelmoussaoui I started to learn python and my next was going to be Rust.... I wonder if I should just switch to rust... I'd like to program apps and OS and IOT devices...

@bilelmoussaoui I don't like to be the negative guy around here. But Hyperbola project sees issues with Rust:

They feel it's so serious that they want to move to BSD in future:

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