I'm very happy with the progress made on GTK4 Rust bindings lately. I would appreciate if more people gave them a try to report broken/missing stuff. The bindings are available at & the docs at

@bilelmoussaoui Thanks for working on the Rust bindings! I should really make up my mind between using Rust and Vala in my projects, Rust is nice for all the guarantees it provides but sometimes I just don't really need them in GTK apps and Vala has some amazing things like [GtkChild], [GtkCallback] and really nice handling to avoid refcycles so it's really hard to choose :)

@cogitri @brainblasted has been working on integrating composite templates with gtk4-rs, I think we can get to a way better experience than with Vala with a bunch of macros to reduce the amount of boilerplate.

@bilelmoussaoui So, should I just skip version 3 and start learning 4? Or is it too early for people who do not know much of gtk yet?

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