Little weekend project: Flatpak integration in VScode

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Source code at
Use at your own risks until it hits the extension store
Very inspired by the awesome Flatpak integration in GNOME Builder

@bilelmoussaoui Amazing! 🎉
Does it already support debugging in Flatpaks? I'm currently entering the flatpak manually and running gdbserver inside it to attach a graphical debugger to it and that isn't fun in the long run

@cogitri very far from that, it supports building and running the application for now ^^

@cogitri pull requests are very much welcome to add more fancy stuff :)

@bilelmoussaoui Hmm, my TS/JS knowledge is close to 0 and I'm not sure if I want to change that :S

@cogitri just an issue with how you expect it to work +/- then :)

@bilelmoussaoui do you wanna share your icon theme and font? They look amazing!

@ju github color scheme (for dark & light) & material icon theme for the icons

@bilelmoussaoui That was a successful weekend! Thanks for your work (and rest a little)

@jgarciao Thanks! I do rest a lot these days, there's nothing much to do other than that :)

@bilelmoussaoui I think I have, but I wanted to provide language server support. Not sure if that extension has one or not. I will have to try it out on my Meson projects whenever I get back to them

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