Sound Recorder 3.38.0 is out with a completely redesigned UI which was part of GSoC, keyboard shortcuts, cleaner code and a bunch of issues fixed along the way.
Should be on Flathub pretty soon

Very happy that my attempt to mentor someone went super fine :) I might do that again in the future.

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The super awesome design is by @tbernard & most of the code changes were by Kavan during their GSoC internship.

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@bilelmoussaoui Did you use Glade to put together the user interface or did you have to edit the XML UI files by hand for some parts?

I ask because I always wanted to try doing a desktop application using the modern GUI components described in GNOME's HIG, but everytime I tried, Glade could not handle all the new components (e.g. GtkHeaderBar, at that time).

@luis_felipe @bilelmoussaoui GtkHeaderBar should work now, although there are a few libhandy widgets that still don't work. (HdyHeaderBar isn't one of them :p)

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