Which means I have finally got the time to finish & release my Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device crate

@bilelmoussaoui I hadn't realized zbus was so slick... I'm definitely going to pick it up as soon as it has an async interface

@migratory zbus being serde friendly is a huge seller point. Pretty excited to the day it gets async support! you can track it here if you're interested gitlab.freedesktop.org/zeenix/

@bilelmoussaoui Hello Bilal, is XDG portals a flatpak only thing or freedesktop/dbus thing? I find most search results in context of flatpak.

@epilys Quoting the blog post " By their nature, the portals can't be tied to Flatpak except the few portals that were made especially for Flatpak'ed applications like the update monitor one."

@bilelmoussaoui I read that, but I searched for "xdg portals" and the top results were for flatpak, hence my question!

@epilys They are just developed under the github.com/flatpak namespace. As they are just dbus interfaces, you should be able to use all of them except the flatpak specific ones without having your code distributed as a flatpak. You just need to access the dbus name you want to communicate with, flatpaked apps have access to the desktop portals one by default

@epilys The overall idea came with having sandboxed apps that can now be installed in various DE pretty easily which makes the integrations issues a bit harder.

@bilelmoussaoui Thank you very much! The context made it clearer :)

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