Always wanted to create a Gtk Application using Python, build it using Meson, package it as a Flatpak and submit to Flathub?
Here's the first tutorial for you
We will be building a Todo application. Feedback is appreciated!

@bilelmoussaoui very nice, something we can point people asking for tutorials in #​newcomers to. :)

@exalm thank you, I will try to improve the writing with time as I'm not a native English speaker

That's very very nice. Good job and keep up the good work!

@bilelmoussaoui Really nice article! Thanks for writing it!

I've started programming with GTK 3 months ago and it's good to read about the basics again. It would have been great to read your article back then because now I've read a loooot of documentations, code examples and actual code (mostly Lollypop by @gnumdk, great work!).

@bilelmoussaoui The problem I struggle the most with currently is with all the different widgets. In e.g. your article, how did you come up with `GtkListBox`? Experience? Glade? Some awesome documentation I've missed?

I'm working on a GTK version of #Briar, a P2P messenger, and therefore plan to read Fractal's code in future. But your article helped me again because I will now build my contact list and conversation view prototypes with `GtkListBox`, I think.

@nicoalt Thanks! In the next article we will see the different available widgets (not all of them) but the basics to get you started. The current documentation is only an API doc and not how to use GTK for real world apps, at least, it's the case for almost every language that uses gobject-introspection to handle the bindings.

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