I so wish it was that easy to write tests for C like it is for Rust

A new version of Workbench is out featuring

- A brand-new Library of examples
- Platform tools are available from the main menu
- Windows can now be previewed
- The Console can be collapsed
- Allow using DBus and Gio.Application
- Allow using network
- Design improvements
- Various issue and crash fixes


#GNOME #GTK #linux #development

Today I tried to run cargo fmt on a C codebase 😅

More details about the other reasons can be found on the project's README

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Why a new library you might ask? I wanted to migrate my app's secrets from the host to the sandbox and neither secret-service-rs nor libsecret provides an API for doing so.

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I spent the last couple of days working on a library to store your secrets safely using either the Secret Service or the file backend (backed by the secrets portal, compatible with libsecret): crates.io/crates/oo7

Huge thanks to Sophie for implementing the file backend format, @maximiliano for handling the encrypted sessions.

Druid (github.com/linebender/druid/) now uses portals for file chooser under linux thanks to ashpd 🎉

very happy to see my dumb projects being adopted by pretty interesting ones out there

fun fact: Authenticator was probably the first app to be released using libhandy4 (aka libhandy for gtk4) what later became libadwaita. So no gtk4 port, it was already using it.

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I have finally got around making a new release of Authenticator, here is a very quick summary of what changed: Encrypted backups, shell search provider, camera portal for QR scanning instead of going through gstreamer and a lot of bug fixes

gtk4-rs has reached 100k downloads on crates.io 🎉

Hey everyone. I've got some exciting plans to share regarding what I want to work on for GNOME 43 and beyond. Take a look here: blogs.gnome.org/christopherdav

I finally got the motivation to finish the gtk4 port of Symbolic Preview. It is probably not a very interesting app for most of people but my job here is done for now :p It is on Flathub already.

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