Hi everyone! My name is Chris. I develop apps for the GNOME desktop, and host social.libre.fi. I’m currently looking for full-time work so that I can pay essential things like food and rent. I would really appreciate any financial help you can spare.

One-time donations are at https://www.paypal.me/chrisdavisgnome

My Patreon is at https://www.patreon.com/chrisgnome

If you want to give Rust & GTK a try, here's a simple template boilerplate for you. Bonus: it uses Meson to build the application, Flatpak to bundle it and has a Gitlab CI to create nightlies for you and a bunch of nice stuff.


@Tusky any chance to support clicking on @username@twitter.com? That would be nice

With my new XPS 13 I'm one of the few people in GNOME with a touchscreen. It's funny that people say that GNOME was designed for touchscreens even though so few of us can even test with touchscreens

I'm very hyped for some of the things happening around GNOME design tools.

We have an easy way to look up the color palette now: flathub.org/apps/details/org.g

And very soon you'll be able to export icons for production directly from Icon Preview gitlab.gnome.org/World/icon-to

I wrote a new article on how to store geographical data on a MongoDB database, display that later on a simple web page using Flask & Leaflet belmoussaoui.com/2019/06/28/di

Lots of good info in here regarding Wayland, Nvidia driver, GNOME shell, and Linux fingerprint scanner support.

On the Road to Fedora Workstation 31 — Christian F.K. Schaller https://blogs.gnome.org/uraeus/2019/06/24/on-the-road-to-fedora-workstation-31/
shower thought: Fediverse Pro subscriptions exists, it's when you set up your own instance

Spotify uses "private listening" to sell information about your mood to advertisers, who then use that to manipulate your feelings: thebaffler.com/downstream/big-

#Spotify #SurveillanceCapitalism

Woo! As you may have seen from that previous boost, Mastodon 2.9 is now out, featuring a new single column interface:


This is, IMHO, a huge step forward for getting non-technical people onto Mastodon 👍

Instead of the Tweetdeck-style interface, there's now a default single-column timeline which is much less scary.

(The multicolumn original is still an option in Settings, and those who currently use multicolumn will continue to see it by default.)

#Mastodon #Fediverse

I'm looking for a good C book to improve my skills a bit this summer. Any good recommendations?

Patreon launch 

New blog post up, where I go over how I frame a platform and what it means to be a platform on the “Linux desktop”.


@nicoalt I just saw your profile and you look like you're learning Arabic, it's my mother tongue in case you need some help with that

Dear distros,

don't be dicks to the people making your OS valuable in the first place. Stop breaking third party apps by default.


Authenticator 3.32 is finally out! You can grab it in a few minutes from Flathub. Read more about the release here belmoussaoui.com/2019/05/22/au
and grab it later from here flathub.org/apps/details/com.g

Anyone need a part time Vala/Python/Java/etc. desktop, web developer? Or AI/vision/robotics research assistant? I'm currently looking for some work to pay the rent while I finish off my PhD.

My CV is here: mjog.vee.net/curriculum-vitae/

Boosts appreciated!

#Python #Vala #Robotics #AI

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