I’m currently looking for work. If anyone has any programming contracts available, please let me know.

At this point in time, if anyone can help me by supporting me on Patreon I’d greatly appreciate it while I persue a stable income.


one step closer to a working Matrix client: Fractal-next now sends text messages 😎

other than TreeModel & Buildable; you can since today implement any interface/subclass any type from gtk4 in gtk4-rs. Very happy to have yet another pain point of gtk3 rust bindings almost completely handled already before we even do a 0.1 release!

Made Video Trimmer's timeline work correctly with right-to-left today

I'm going to port a bunch of other demos in the upcoming days before we do a very first release. Just to make sure almost everything is functional.

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I have borrowed yet another gtk4 demo, ported it to rust this morning and merged it as part of gtk4-rs examples

My friend mentioned Telegram light/dark switcher has a neat animation, so how could i resist.

PSA: System-wide theming is still a broken concept.

It's been a while since I've written about it since there's nothing new to say, but yes it's still a problem and no it can not be fixed.

Old (but still relevant) blog post on topic: blogs.gnome.org/tbernard/2018/

PHP: Don't try to write a clever regex to validate email addresses, the range of valid addresses is far far wider than you could possibly imagine. Just don't.

Also PHP: github.com/php/php-src/blob/ma

I just tagged a new version of flatpak-github-actions. It can now do proper caching, uploading to a remote repository & more.
Details at github.com/bilelmoussaoui/flat

Trees will go to any length to survive and provide you with oxygen.
How far will you go to save a tree?

#EveryTreeCounts #tree #trees

I just merged a patch to Flatpak Github Actions that allows you to deploy a successful build to a remote repository

Details at:

One of the best decisions I took almost two years ago is to learn how to write Rust code.

1111 apps on Flathub 🎉

Huge kudos to @barthalion, @wjt, @bilelmoussaoui and everyone else who helped to get it to this point!

Seems like Gitlab doesn't really want me to start a new project today

Very happy to finally get the screen cast portal demo fully working o/

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