I just spent over 700 hours playing Age of Empires 2 on steam :rainbowthink:

I have updated my GTK & Rust & Meson template to use the latest fancy stuff from gtk-rs along with some improvements
You can grab it from here gitlab.gnome.org/bilelmoussaou

New release of App Icon Preview out on Flathub!


This app is now everything we'd ever hoped for when we first discussed making tooling to support the new icon style over a year ago.

Kudos to @bilelmoussaoui, Zander Brown, Julian Sparber, @alatiera, and everyone else who helped make this happen!

Have you been wanting to make an icon for your app but didn't know where to start?

Then this tutorial I wrote is for you!


I just made my annual donation to @gnome monthly instead so that #gnome can more readily rely on my donation! You should do that too, and right now! (They are having a drive to sign up 87 more of us - we can do that in no time flat, right? )


The #Glimpse project would like to wish all of our contributors, followers and end users "Happy Holidays" ☃️

In the space of six months we've gone from being a project whose "heart is in the right place but they're probably going to fail" to a very usable binary release for Windows and Linux that has been downloaded ~5000 times in its first month.

That was thanks to all of you, and we look forward to advancing the project even further in 2020. 🎉

A summary of what I've been working in 2019, and the plans for 2020 #gnome #gtk:


If you want to contribute financially to the work I do for the @gnome Foundation, please consider becoming a Friend of GNOME: us.commitchange.com/ca/orinda/

Icon Library & Palette were also updated, enjoy!

There's also a new brand Rust application, Symbolic Preview that handles the symbolic icons

App Icon Preview 1.0.0 is finally on Flathub!
It includes
- The possibility to export the nightly, normal, symbolic icons
- The symbolic features were removed from the app
- Re-brandered from Icon Preview -> App Icon Preview

Grab it from here flathub.org/apps/details/org.g

So... @tbernard and I (mostly Tobias, really) did a thing couple weeks ago for LAS cause we found the conference name to be orthogonal to its goals.

Here's a blog post version of it.

"There is no “Linux” Platform"


Special shootout to @elementary for being the inspiration and case study for it and doing a kickass job all over the place.

@design_libre bonjour, comment est-ce-que je peux faire pour vous contacter en privée ? Merci

I have published Banner Viewer which is a simple yet useful for distributors that ship GNOME Software & want to tweak the banners shipped by default

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