Thanks to and Flathub has now a proper mirror/proxy in China instead of poor man's attempt to bypass GFW by using servers in Korea.

See for details.

Thanks a lot! (We'll eventually mention it on too!)

New minor release of the Flatpak VSCode extension is out! On the menu:
- New Runtime/Build terminal commands
- Integration with Rust Analyzer extension by spawning it inside the sandbox
- Use flatpak-spawn if sandboxed
Details at

An experiment from the last weekend.

This demo is a complete ripoff of, I mean inspired by:

The presets are mostly from the react-spring demo as well, though they are a placeholder.

Partially based on the implementation from

Shouts out to:

Manuel Genovés (not on Fediverse) - help with the math
@tbernard - design

@brainblasted I'm very happy with the progress the community has made to improve the Rust bindings since the latest release of gtk-rs 😄

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The Rust bindings of the yet to be released GtkSourceView 5 are already available at and were recently updated by @brainblasted to the latest gtk4-rs changes

Apostrophe is a clean and intuitive Markdown editor designed for those who love distraction-free writing. It's packed with features like dark mode, multi-format export, and inline preview.

Get it on Flathub: #GNOMECircle

I just noticed that there are actually a lot of developers using my Flatpak Github Action.
If you are writing a desktop application, hosted on Github and want to make testing your latest changes easier for the users you should definitely check out

Playing with GNOME Shell 40 touchpad gestures 🔥

The shell developers are doing a awesome job. It's incredible!

Don't worry, the actual animations aren't that slow, I just move my fingers very slowly on my trackpad. The animations match the actual movement of my fingers.

I just published the first release of Decoder on Flathub ! It's a fancy toy app for scanning and generating QR codes.
Powered by Gtk4 & GStreamer

PHP8 is a thing

Own up who let the PHP team see Rust and TypeScript? You know what they are like

I wrote a new demo of GTK4's paintable api, this time using GStreamer to render a stream from the camera :)
Source code at

I wrote a pretty dumb qr code generator while playing with Gtk 4's Paintable API, pretty fancy stuff

Source code at:

Finally released a new version of Nostalgia with the 3.38 wallpaper!

Also includes a fun partially transparent headerbar, and rounded bottom corners thanks to @exalm and libhandy 1.

today's very boring task: add more than 600 manual doc aliases to gtk-rs related crates, so that you can find functions by typing their C equivalent :)

Tonight I pushed my @gnome Circle app, Solanum 2.0.0 to Flathub! This release brings two big things:

Translation support
A port to GTK 4

This makes Solanum the very first published GTK 4 app.

If you want to try it out, grab it from Flathub:

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