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Job research:
Hi! I'm a self-taught programmer and I'm looking for a job as a software/web developer. I have experience in Python, JS, Vala, PHP & I have started learning Rust in the last six weeks. I have also contributed to a lot of open source projects out there.

You can find my resume here:

I have published Banner Viewer which is a simple yet useful for distributors that ship GNOME Software & want to tweak the banners shipped by default

f you're using Steam from Flathub, there's now a Proton Tricks extension you can install to tweak proton to run your favourite games easily! I just did so with Age of Empires 3 and it just works!

Just built Foliate master, and stumbled across this: A "skeuomorphism" option, which makes it look like a real book!

Also, the UI is now pretty close to working at phone sizes, which is exciting.

This whole app is really well done, huge kudos to John Factotum and contributors.

The Rust nightly SDK is now available on Flathub

Shortwave supports now Google Cast devices for audio streaming!

Sorry for the horrible video quality, but it's enough to see the important stuff 😉

James Westman recently ported Podcasts to the adaptive HdyViewSwitcher.

There are still some important pieces missing for the app to fully work at mobile sizes (e.g. the "now playing" bar), but I'm very excited about the progress 🤩

Pretty happy with the progress I have made this weekend. You can now try it out by downloading the Flatpak bundle from Gitlab.

At the Linux Application Summit in Barcelona I'm going to do a Rust GTK/GStreamer workshop again.

Sign up here:

November 15th, coincidentally only 3 days after RustFest, which is also in Barcelona this year!

Help GNOME fight a patent troll. It's in interest of all #FOSS projects. If patent trolls see that FOSS projects are an easy target, such attacts will go on.

I have spent the weekend playing with a @wallabagapp GTK & Rust client.
Source code can be found here

Anybody has a touch mouse and uses Fedora 31? Some feedback on gnome-shell overview scrolling would be appreciated with stock shell and
Bonus points for a libinput recording of you scrolling in overview. :)

I'm working on something that makes it easier to monitor the apps on Flathub and one of the things I wanted is runtime usage graphs.

This talk, "Performance Matters" by Emery Berger, is blowing my mind.

Summary: profilers from ~20 years ago (what I talked about when I was doing performance work back in the day) are no longer as useful. There is evidence that unpredictable things like memory layout can change performance by ~40%. Everything is async, concurrent these days, and profilers don't cope.

Shows newer methods and a new profiler, and gets awesome results.

@hergertme you'll enjoy this :)

Sadly, I don't think you can directly use it from the Github action store, you will need to do something similar to this as we need fuse access for the running docker container.

I have made a very simple Github Action for Flatpak Applications that builds your application from the manifest you have in your repository. See here for more info

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