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We are planning to have another GNOME <3 Rust online-only hackfest in two weeks, details at

We just published the first tagged alpha release of Fractal.

This doesn't change how we publish Fractal builds and it's still only available on GNOME Nightly.

Lately, I have been doing more efforts learning Czech and Duolingo has been very helpful with that!

We're running a campaign to better understand our users. It only takes a minute to help, learn more here:

The more time passes by the more tarballs I have to do for each gnome release.

GUADEC, Nautilus updates, new Libadwaita about dialogs, new GTK development snapshot, builder ported to GTK4, brand new Vala website, ... and so much more!

I am speechless how much happened in a *single* week! 🚀

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I always wondered how UPS(and maybe other services) don't give you an estimated time frame when they will attempt to deliver the package to you, nor give you a way to select a time frame when you will be home.

The worst of all, is you will spend the whole day at home waiting for that package and you will not receive it 😑

More backup formats support in Authenticator 4.1.6 with the addition of Google Authenticator QR code format.

Do you use any hardware device for two factor authentication? if so, which one is that?

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