Lollypop 1.0 is out!
- Spotify/YouTube back from hell
- New application menu
- Many bug fixes

If your app uses the io.elementary.BaseApp.yml flatpak base, please, DO NOT UPDATE TO 3.32 GNOME RUNTIME YET.

Valac enters an infinite loop spewing GBs of logs and we just DDoSed flathub.

#flatpak #flathub

Beta releases of desktop client are now available for in flathub-beta repository.

The GNOME 3.32 runtime is now available on Flathub. 🎉️🎉️🎉️

Please shout at me if anything is broken, or file an issue here:

#gnome #flatpak #flathub

If your project uses a fixed version of libhandy (e.g. it ships it as a git submodule), please update to its master version to fix your software's i18n.

GNOME Sound Recorder has three new maintainers and as we are approaching 3.32 release, we would like to get some feedback before we start planning for 3.34.
Check the readme for more info

We have created a Patreon account for Akira as the campaign will never reach its goal. The more progress we make, the more money we get, the more time we spend on it
We will also set up a bounty system and other alternatives to Patreon later.

Finally overcame procrastination, reset my Kickstarter password, and contributed 100 bucks to the Akira campaign!

We really need something better than Inkscape for UI design, and this seems like the most promising attempt in a long time. The campaign still has 2 weeks and is at 30%, so I'm hopeful they can still make it.

Authenticator beta is now available on Flathub's beta channel 😃

I'm waiting for Social on GNOME so I can start using Mastodon a bit more. I don't toot as much as I tweet :(

The #GNOME design team wants your feedback for a potential visual refresh of the #GTK default theme: — if you have an application that ships custom CSS, testing is appreciated!


If you always wanted to hack on those small games created for GNOME, almost all of them now uses meson, they have a manifest for clone & hack with, a Gitlab CI to produce nightly builds for easier testing.


If only the columns on the main page of Mastodon gets a bit wider on larger screens. 😞

@tbernard @brainblasted at the same time, multiple vertically-integrated, high quality platforms helps make sure everyone will find what they need and won't ever go back to the current non-ethical solutions.

I'll take multiple vertically-integrated platforms (GNOME OS, KDE OS, Elementary, …) any day over multiple generic distros all doing almost the same thing in slightly incompatible ways, each breaking the upstream UX differently.

I can only say that from the beginning I'm disappointed – or maybe actually sad – that instead of focusing on a way to hide/exclude non-free software from Flathub, Fedora has chosen to directly compete with Flathub.

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