Positively surprised that in the first presentation at there have already been several calls to prioritise people over corporations, and stop surveillance capitalism. We are in the right place.

@axx it still feels somehow superficial. I am missing the word 'regulation' for example. So far it was all about pressure and such. We need to be clear this is largely a regulatory problem.

@rysiek that's a good point. Still, I was expecting people to completely gloss over it.

@rysiek I'd have said it is legislative problem. We need to stop assigning human rights and privileges to corporations and rescind the same. @axx

@StuC @axx hard agree here. And find ways to *effectively* punish corporations. Fines do not work. Freeze all assets for a week/month? Good luck factoring that into your business model.

@StuC @axx @rysiek If you legislate for anything make it that these companies have to use open protocols, hence de-siloing them.

@bob @StuC @axx absolutely! When I hear people advocating for breaking Facebook up, I'm like: no, just make them open the protocol. That's enough and also way more effective.

@rysiek @bob @StuC @axx
> I'm like: no, just make them open the protocol. That's enough and also way more effective.

That's not enough, since it does not refuse the power dynamics of facebook and the culture it supports. Facebook could be open source with still Zuck at the top making decisions profiting him the most.

@paulfree14 @axx @StuC @rysiek If there were legislation that Facebook must use open protocols such that users on Facebook could communicate with other systems not owned by Facebook and be fully interoperable then suddenly there's no reason for me to be on Facebook because I an still keep in contact with a few people on there without having a Facebook account. Siloing is the main reason that Facebook retains its power. Deteritorialize Facebook and see what happens when its in an open environment.

Ah but what about Gmail, you might say. Gmail isn't fully interoperable with other systems due to its increasingly selective blocking of any email server not run by another megacorp. They havn't completely destroyed email, but are moving towards siloing "confidential" emails.

@rysiek @bob @StuC @axx

People have been trained not to see the possibility of open protocols.

Heck when they do encounter the concept I've heard of managers dismiss them as constraining their options. Seriously, if anything most standards open up possibilities and allows you to focus on the bits that matter!

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