@taziden Yep, j'ai ressenti le besoin de partager…

@Sapphaos @axx Well… yeah. They are agreements, agreements are decided not discovered.

@axx Using imperial system is just a non tariff barrier used by the US and should be banned by WTO.

Et pendant ce temps là, les glaciers fondent tranquillement...

@axx Naaaah. It's a joke. That has to be a joke… It's impossible it's not irony 🤣

@axx "the global tyranny of the metric system" :D

@axx For me it's just like the guy-in-the-right's gesture is comparing the size of their brains.

@axx oh no! Conversion in 10^3 steps! The worst!

@axx i was hoping this was a parody, but nope its the real deal. yikes

@axx this is a comedy show, right? I mean... it's a comedy channel, right?

Very nice to the uk, who are visibly considered as a minor\lesser country.
Hopefully, it's a satyre. It is, isn't it?😰

C'est sûr, quand on a une unité de mesure basée sur la surface qu'un boeuf peut labourer en une journée, au moins on peut dire que c'est du concret...
(C'est l'acre si vous vous demandez)

@axx On leur dit que le pouce est un dérivé du millimètre (donc du système métrique) depuis 1959 ? 😏

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