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Less Amazon Web Services, more A Wilhelm Scream.

I'd like to take a second to reflect on the fact that Donald Trump is president of the USA, a fact amazing on its own, and that Boris Johnson might be the UK's new prime. Look, whoever has playing with reality to prove that it can be stranger than fiction: you can stop, you've made your point now.

Summary of this evening's thoughts, so far: we don't own phone numbers, we don't own emails, we don't own domain names, it's bleak, the only thing we can truly own (and thus rely on to identify ourselves) is crypto keys, and they're hard. We're screwed. (Unless self-sovereign identity can make it work)

Oh, the game Minit has an option to turn the food related things vegan. I'm touched :)

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Honestly if you have the fucking time to make 3+ websites for your vulnerabilities, fucking make it work without JS.

“Sensorvault, according to Google employees, includes detailed location records involving at least hundreds of millions of devices worldwide and dating back nearly a decade.”

« pff oh vous exagérez, c'est pas si grave que ça que Google enregistre des trucs sur nous », disaient-ils, nous reprochant de nous inquiéter pour rien :

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A community member wants to start working on a native desktop client for #Funkwhale, but is looking for someone with UX/UI #Design skills to ensure the client is usable and well-designed.

If you want to see this happen and are willing to get involved, please get in touch!

En fait, dire « t'étais bien content la foit où la Police t'a aidé ! » à quelqu'un qui critique les abus policiers, c'est un peu comme dire « t'étais bien content la fois où le journal a rapporté les faits sans les déformer ! » à quelqu'un qui critique le journalisme orienté et manipulateur.

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“AirPods were destined to become e-waste from the moment they were manufactured. And AirPods become e-waste after just eighteen months, when the irreplaceable lithium ion battery dies.”

And now you have confirmation that AirPods are indeed a sign that the person wearing them is a bit of a shit:

Listening to the new Masked Intruder instead of getting to know the new Bad Religion for tomorrow's gig. I'm so punk

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If you are using #riot-android you should update to version 0.8.28a as this is a critical security update.

If you are a user of the homeserver and have received an alert message stating that you should update to a version 0.8.99 from google play you can safely ignore that. This message was only targeted at google play users but accidentally sent to some #F-Droid users as well.

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Opportunité de carrière chez Mozilla : rédacteur ou rédactrice pour la France

Faites tourner !

@LaQuadrature au sujet de l'arrestation de Julian Assange, de Chelsea Manning et d'Ola Bini : la vie privée pour les faibles, la transparence pour les puissants !

Reminder: verify your Signal "Safety Numbers" and encrypted conversations when you meet in person! (click on the red circle information sign ℹ️🔴 next to any Riot message in an encrypted chat to start verifying). Use Briar for less day-to-day stuff.

Parts of Google look more and more like a cult. I can see this coming: you complain that as a normal email user your messages aren't reaching gmail users? The solution is obvious, just use gmail like everyone else. Join us, joiiiin uuuuuus.

It's an interesting subject that we too easily put on the side.

Cool article this week by on cognitive biases and security

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