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Still my most crushing failure at helping a free & open source project:

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Less Amazon Web Services, more A Wilhelm Scream.

Can't log in to a web site because a combine harvester is not a tractor and I refuse to tell Google otherwise.

This is great: "stable" coin project relies on community governance, so a hacker borrows $1b, uses it to get a 67% voting stake, votes that the project should wire them $182m, then pays back the huge loan and exits -- all in the space of 13 seconds. The "stable" coin immediately crashes.

Making my software decisions based on dragons:

clang: ✔️ has a dragon
gcc: ❌ no dragon
kde plasma: ✔️ has a dragon
gnome: ❌ no dragon
wireguard: ✔️ has a dragon
openvpn: ❌ no dragon

Hi, I'm Aurynn. I run, an instance entirely hosted in New Zealand, on the Catalyst Cloud OpenStack cloud!

Cloud Island is a general-purpose instance, with a lot of really cool folks doing really cool things.

I toot mostly about cloud technology as I work on the Cloud Island infrastructure, general life, and sometimes sociology.

I am transgender. Trans rights are human rights.

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I'm daedalus. I run which is based in Australia where I live. We accept new members via application to keep the signal high and noise floor low.
I'm into systems thinking/cybernetics, organisational design, digital rights, Freedom of Information requests, and shitposting about tech.
#introduction #introductions

Normalise tech folks having a conscience.

The reach of microfiber pollution from clothes is staggering. It's everywhere, from the middle of the ocean and its floor, to the Arctic. We are literally dumping microplastics all over the place. This article drives that home (and offers a few ways forward).

Je cherche des programmeurs·ses qui seraient motivé·es pour donner un cours de #Rust en deuxième année de licence informatique à l'Université Paris 8 à partir de la rentrée.

Je rajoute des détails ci-dessous.

Merci de faire tourner l'info !

Si vous vous demandez comment marche Internet, posez vos questions ici d'ici jeudi !
Adresse du salon disponible ici jeudi dès 18h30

Pour en savoir plus :

Venez nombreux !

RP apprécié ! <3

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Venez en savoir plus sur Internet tout en soutenant le développement des logiciels libre de visioconférence :

Test de charge BigBlueButton sur le thème « Internet Comment ça marche ? »

jeudi 14 mai, 19h-20h30.

Honestly, the fact we are still doing Key-Signing Parties in 2020 when we know encrypted email is so hard to get right as to be essentially useless is a sad state of affairs and reflects poorly on the community as a whole.

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Is there really no such thing as Ansible to manage Android devices? Surely, there must be some solution to programmatically install packages and configure them on Android?

The level of willfull ignorance of some politicians is impressive. Here's Michael Bloomberg explaining that farming is stupidly simple, suggesting a lack of awarness of his own complete ignorance of the matter. A stunning display of how out of touch with reality they can be. For all his success, Bloomberg has no idea of what farming actually entails, which doesn't prevent him from looking down on those who do (and who feed him). A sad example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Lu sur twitter depuis facebook :/

Franck Lepage sur Thinkerview & cie. Je connaissais un peu, mais mal, Lepage, et il monte d'un coup dans mon estime là...


Des nouvelles de notre référé contre la vidéosurveillance automatisée à Marseille ! Le tribunal administratif vient de nous annoncer que l’audience se tiendra le lundi 2 mars à 14h30 !

La lutte contre la surveillance algorithmique continue !

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