Due to an issue at my hosting provider, my server has been deleted.
So, pxlfd.me is down, sorry.
My last backup is 2 or 3 months old...
As soon as I get my server back, I'll restore what I have and setup an automatic backup...
Now I've learned something, never trust anybody and always do backup

If you don't trust me anymore (I can understand it), you can go on @dada 's instance pix.diaspodon.fr
But if you wait a bit, pxlfd.me will probably be back tomorrow (not in the mood tonight, sorry)

⚠️ pxlfd.me is back online! ⚠
There is more than 5 months deleted, but it looks like it works, so...
Really sorry about all of this


Also, now there is a backup of Pixelfed data everyday stored during 1 month, so normally, I won't get a new lose like that

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To be honest, no
I'll do it later, but firstly I want to make a better setup for my instance, the server-side is a bit too messy so to get it back fast, I was obliged to just reinstall it on the same server
Also, I got 3 months free so...

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