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Making t-shirt on my own isn't easy at all, so, I used RedBubble.
My first design is an "ActivityPub enthousiast". It's available as sticker, mug and t-shirt.
I get 5% profit, but all this profit will be donated to projects contributing to ActivityPub. 😀
Here is the link:
Retoot appreciated 😛
If some people like this, I'll do a t-shirt !

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6 months (and one day) ago, I launched my instance,
Me and are still here, 😊
In 6 months, 142 persons joins the adventure, 354 posts were posted, almost 6000 pages viewed. I wasn't expecting that at all! A big to everyone that have participated to the success of and a big to @dansup

I would love to make something to celebrate this event, but I don't know what so I've just made this message

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Take more time than expected, should be up again around 13h (UTC+1)

Just applied to be a member of the Federated Networks Association 😎

#feneas #fediverse #decentralization

cc @feneas was down, it's up again
I'll add monitoring to my servers asap

My hoster is apparently doing shit right now, so my vps is down. Their panel is also down.
Conclusion: is down, when I get access back, I'll switch to my other server (not the same hosting provider)

C'est à un point où j'hésite de marcher 1h30 pour rentrer chez moi

J'en ai déjà marre de cette nouvelle année 😐
Espérons que ça s'améliorera 🙄

I've just received my "ActivityPub Enthusiast" stickers!
The print quality is good and the sticker quality is great! I'm really surprised (in a good way) is up again. Really sorry for this long downtime... I'm doing the federation update right now!

Sorry about that, but will be down until tomorrow

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