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⚠️ Another problem with the hosting provider of ⚠️
Due to illegal action on vps on the same machine as mine, OVH deleted the dedicated server of my hosting provider
But NOW, I've daily backups so I haven't lost a lot of data. All I've lost is your trust, sorry...

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⚠️ is back online! ⚠
There is more than 5 months deleted, but it looks like it works, so...
Really sorry about all of this

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What do you think of this Pixelfed t-shirt design ? 🤔 Would you buy it ? (Revenues will go to an association, probably @feneas )
(I'll add a poll in the thread)

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6 months (and one day) ago, I launched my instance,
Me and are still here, 😊
In 6 months, 142 persons joins the adventure, 354 posts were posted, almost 6000 pages viewed. I wasn't expecting that at all! A big to everyone that have participated to the success of and a big to @dansup

I would love to make something to celebrate this event, but I don't know what so I've just made this message

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It really looks like it's a #fail but because of the printing speed that was far too high, for me it's a big #success ! 😊
Still need to improve my slicer settings ! #3dprinter #3dprinting #diy

Hello to our new followers!

Our project is a federated Instagram alternative!

Looking for a trusted instance to join? by @tercean by @Whaxion


All y axis pieces are ready, I only need to assemble everything together and to put it on my #3dprinter ! 😊 #diy #excited
Still not perfect, but it's definitely a lot better with this new x axis ! 😊
Still the y axis to redo 🤔
#3dprinting #diy

We are aware of a bug affecting accounts with 2FA trying to log into mobile apps.

Instead of disabling 2FA on your account, please wait for the fix. It will be released soon!

So it appears that 2FA + mobile auth doesn't play well together.

I will have to rewrite the authentication controller 😑 #pixeldev

I have enabled mobile app support on, and have discovered a bug with 2FA enabled accounts.

A fix will be released soon!

php-intl is the newest dependency, used for internationalization support.

Please make sure its installed and enabled in php.ini! #pixelfed

Petite astuce 💡
Mettre #Brave ou #Chrome en dark mode 🌙

Accédez à : chrome://flags
Cherchez "dark" et activez "Android Chrome UI dark mode".

Cliquez sur "Relaunch Now", puis forcez l'arrêt de l'app.

Réouvrir l'app > Paramètres > "Thèmes" > "Foncé".

Et voilà 😉

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