Welcome to the @SwissOSM community who have a mapstodon account now

Franchement, un #roadtrip à #moto avec #OsmAnd~, c'est nickel pour trouver tous les campings du coin sans même activer la data :-)


Let's make today's #multiresidence threads a bit different.

I have mapped some buildings I know were built between the wars, I will head out now to find and photograph them and live-toot the journey.

Come along.


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Highlights: 11 newly released apps, OsmAnd and Maps receive major updates, upcoming talks at F/LOSS conferences, and preliminary discussion on efforts to decentralise F-droid index creation.

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Un nouveau serveur miroir de tuiles #OpenstreetMap est hébergé par @tetaneutral_net
Merci aux bénévoles qui l'ont mis en place.

#OpenStreetMap France dispose de son instance #PeerTube et a déjà mis à disposition les vidéos du State Of The Map 2018 : peertube.openstreetmap.fr/vide

Je vais écouter quelques conf cette semaine, tiens !


Got a question for you all: Which of the whopping 59 app updates from the last week do you want us to highlight in the next #TWIF? Anything particularly important or interesting? You can see the candidates by scrolling through the home screen of the client app.

#briar is out of #beta

''Briar is a messaging app designed for activists, journalists, and anyone else who needs a safe, easy and robust way to communicate''

It can operate over wifi and bluetooth, even during an internet blackout, encypts, @torproject integreated, has private chats, forums, blogs and more to come like crisis mapping and collaborative document editing

''Briar 1.0 release candidate'' is out
get it on @fdroidorg

forget about #telegram


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