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Qualifier les femmes voilées de « mamans », un stade avancé du paternalisme | Titiou Lecoq

Je suis trop fan.

Je me pwal depuis hier soir avec cette superbe photo, meilleure photo animalière 2019 décernée par le Wildlife Photographer of the Year :

I wish Duolingo would stop making me translate this sentence

Wellcome Collection (@ExploreWellcome)

Sex education and sexual enlightenment is good for everyone. But what happens when that discussion is censored on social media, where the word vagina is an ‘offensive’ term? @WhoresofYore looks at the battleground of sexual censorship on the internet. [THREAD]

Barbara Kruger. Untitled (You construct intricate rituals which allow you to touch the skin of other men), 1980.

Just read this quote on Mr T's thoughts on his name on Wikipedia and cried a bit

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