I've also found this very important.

"Aside from the contemporary teaching texts, genre appears indiscriminately: essays slide against memoir and folklore, poetry squeezed on either side by sociological tomes. This, maybe ironically but maybe not, reinforces an already pernicious literary divide that books written by or about minorities are for educational purposes, racism and homophobia and stuff, wholly segregated from matters of form and grammar, lyric and scene."

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I've always loved reading lists. I used to have, in my old moleskine, a list of "100 books to read before your 30s" that a friend had passed to me. Of course, I am in my 30s now, and most of the books of the list remain unread.

Although the thought of learning new things and experience other lives is always honorable, to turn these ideas into action, one must approach it with critical thinking.


@francks moi, je vois le signal de Batman :thaenkin:

C'est un test de Rorschach ou un kiwi ? 😆

Qualifier les femmes voilées de « mamans », un stade avancé du paternalisme | Titiou Lecoq ift.tt/2MoQPss

Per il momento i miei tentativi sono perlopiù falliti.
In effetti credo di non riuscire a macinare i chicchi in una giusta consistenza (sarà che ho solo un mixer a disposizione 😅), per cui mi viene fuori acqua sporca... :/

French press :gribz_luv: un giorno capirò come farci bene il caffè

Je suis trop fan.

Je me pwal depuis hier soir avec cette superbe photo, meilleure photo animalière 2019 décernée par le Wildlife Photographer of the Year :

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