Qualifier les femmes voilées de « mamans », un stade avancé du paternalisme | Titiou Lecoq ift.tt/2MoQPss

Je suis trop fan.

Je me pwal depuis hier soir avec cette superbe photo, meilleure photo animalière 2019 décernée par le Wildlife Photographer of the Year :

I wish Duolingo would stop making me translate this sentence

Wellcome Collection (@ExploreWellcome)

Sex education and sexual enlightenment is good for everyone. But what happens when that discussion is censored on social media, where the word vagina is an ‘offensive’ term? @WhoresofYore looks at the battleground of sexual censorship on the internet. [THREAD]


Barbara Kruger. Untitled (You construct intricate rituals which allow you to touch the skin of other men), 1980.


PCRF is the only nonprofit providing life-saving cardiac surgery for children in Gaza.

Just read this quote on Mr T's thoughts on his name on Wikipedia and cried a bit

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