Ok so, state of (Mastodon client) translation in french. Just checking the xliff using translation platform.

Thread initialement publié en privé, j'ai trouvé interessantes les réponses :)

@jibec Bonjour :)
Une idée sur comment on choisis les _ lorsqu'il s'agit de traduire un mot nécessitant un CRTL+S pour _Save par exemple ?
Ici Acc_ount) donc CTRL+o, sauf qu'en arabe, je ne sais pas ? On fait juste correspondre la lettre latine avec ce qui est noté sur le clavier ?
Merci :)

Now you can rename or reoganize your TL as you like. Are you running Fedilab on a tablet ?


Add your words and validate as shown on the screenshots : words should be separated by a space.
Now you have your own TL.

Long press on that new TL. Here the word Privacy and choose your customized options.

Once the results are displayed, click on the Add + button.

Some screenshot about admin panel. Here for example, checking federation. 1/2

@pixart 😂 I'm translating the app in both french and arabic 😂 Why l'm banned ?

Hi translators 🖐️ ,

@tom79 has enabled Translation Machine 🌍 on Crowdin may this help you to translate the app to your own language, if supported :)

I've attached a screenshot 🖼️ showing an example of translating/processing the word *Settings* from english to japanese via Yandex.

If you want to review your translation or contribute ✍️, please feel free join us on : 🔗 crowdin.com/project/mastalab
You're welcome 🤗

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