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Le plus grand chantier de l'univers : traduire NextCloud et activer le RTL.

When you compose a new post, pixelfed generates special preview urls for uploads. Only the owner can view them.

We automatically delete uploads after 6 hours if they do not belong to a published status, but that will soon change.

Camera Roll will enable continuity across devices, and new possibilities for creating that perfect post!

We can't wait to share more after v0.9 is released. #pixelfed #pixeldev

I didn't expect so much votes. But it's clear that I finally need to improve Peertube too. So #Pixelfed will be my first work (though I am already on it) but I will keep to improve #Peertube with last features.

Nice : @Tusky 6 drops support of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 (anyone ever used this one ?) and add support of TLS 1.3, which is supported by 👍😍

Ne manque plus que scan this QR Code and share via P2P.

Petite question aux et d' est-ce utile d'importer des traces GPX de routes déjà cartographié ? Et si oui pour quoi faire ? A+

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