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Comme on aime bien les jeux de piste, finalement c’est au Naguerre (12, rue Roger). Là, c’est sûr !!!

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Image réelle d'un suisse addict à OpenStreetMap avec l'app OsmAnd, l'État met en garde contre une éventuelle dépendance.

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I try not to bog down in analytics on my videos, but I thought it might be an interesting data point to share:

My video today was the first one I've posted since leaving birdsite, and my views on YouTube are actually UP compared with other videos. Including external sources!

And this doesn't take into account Peertube, either, which reaches an audience I wasn't getting on YouTube.

Shared just in case anyone else was worried about pulling the plug- there's a life after! :)

Bon, les mecs de chez Mozilla, quand est-ce que vous allez nous autoriser à installer plus d’extensions sur Firefox pour Android ?

Visualizing the fediverse in different ways is really cool.

Can't wait to ship the new 😁 #fediDB

أهلا وسهلا ومرحبا بك على شبكة :mastodon: 👋

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